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  • 1. At 08:44:04 PM on 29 Jun 2008, Julia wrote:

    'Well i think Kittenlist is fab, i have made a few friends on here and have found that there is always someone willing to give advice if needed, i have also found a very good breeder on here who has helped me start off my breeding programme, so overall i think this is the best site by far'
    Harleyniamh Persians

  • 2. At 08:45:34 PM on 29 Jun 2008, Julia wrote:

    'i think kittenlist is the BEST.
    i have asked questions about lots of varied problems and received advice from people with a wealth of experience, and been able to learn from their experiences (i don't think i could have found this help so easily on any other site). ive only been using the site about 8 months and really enjoy just reading the posts and being involved with such a friendly group of like minded people!!'

  • 3. At 08:46:11 PM on 29 Jun 2008, Julia wrote:

    Kool for kats and people
    Totally funky site
    Top breeders
    Excellent forum
    Never lets you down
    Lots of top quality kittens
    Totally fantastic you couldn't get a better site!
    Dilaraz Persians

  • 4. At 08:46:32 PM on 29 Jun 2008, Julia wrote:

    'its just the best keep it up xxx'
    Joygar Norwegian Forest

  • 5. At 08:46:53 PM on 29 Jun 2008, Julia wrote:

    'Kitten List is far the best site I have come across. It is easy to use and looks great. The forum offers great advice and support. I don't now what I would do with out it!'

  • 6. At 08:47:14 PM on 29 Jun 2008, Julia wrote:

    'Its by far the best pet advice website i have come across and to be honest most times i get far far better advice for my babies than i do from my vet!'

  • 7. At 04:20:45 PM on 21 Jun 2009, maureen wrote:

    I have been a kitten list member since 2005 and found it to be the best cat web site i have been on it offers loads of advise and help to both new and established breeders, I have just used the premium ads service and found it really good well worth the 5 what more can i say its brilliant

    Maureen Talltrees British shorthairs and Sphynx

  • 8. At 01:30:45 PM on 22 Nov 2010, veejaybengals wrote:

    A useful forum to belong to, with friendly advice given on any cat related subject

  • 9. At 01:33:05 PM on 22 Nov 2010, veejaybengals wrote:

    All my kittens this time were sold due to kittenlist, and the premium ads are well worth paying the small fee of 5pnds for

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