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United Kingdom
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We are a small breeder of Ragdoll kittens. All kittens are born in our bedroom and remain in the family home, until they leave for their forever homes. The kittens are used to a busy household, which they share with their Mum, full brother and sister from previous litter and our small Jack Russell.
Beautiful Ragdoll Birman X kittens born 26th March. Mum is a Seal Point Ragdoll and Dad a Seal Point Birman, both are full pedigree pure breeds and much loved family pets. Kittens will come with full vaccinations and will have been worm and flea treated. They will leave for their forever homes with an Flea and Worm Treatment, Microchip voucher,Royal Canin Kitten food, toys, comfort blanket and 4 weeks free insurance included with the Vets4Pets kitten pack. The kittens have been handled daily since birth and are lovely cuddly, chilled out babies with the best attributes of both breeds.They are also very playful. They are used to our small dog, older children and everyday goings on in a busy household and will make excellent pets.
These kittens are a strictly indoor only breed, they do not possess the street sense of your average moggy and it is said they lack a homing instinct. My cats are indoor only and are very happy.
Mum, brother and sister from last litter can be seen. Deposit of 100 secures your kitten. Kittens will be ready to leave their mum on 18th June, viewings from 7th May.
1 Blue Point girls, 1 Seal Point girl and 1 Seal Point boy available. 450

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