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Breeder of : Birman
Memberships: GCCF
Listed since:17th Feb 13
Last Updated:25th May 14

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Location: bromyard, Herefordshire
United Kingdom
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Beautiful Birman Kittens sometimes available to loving forever homes. Our kittens are fully registered, vaccinated, insured and vet checked twice . Lovingly home-reared, fully socialised and litter trained.All kittens are GCCF registered Non Active pets or Active to experienced breeders.We are based in a small country town of Bromyard, we have been breeding these beautiful cats as a hobby for 4 years and like to think we are very lucky.
we are not a cattery but a home first and would ask people to respect this.
All our kittens are registered with the GCCF and we follow and exceed their rules and guidelines concerning health and welfare. We believe that every single kitten is an excellent example for the Birman breed. All kittens come fully vaccinated, including FELV , Vet Checked twice,wormed with 4 week’s immediate insurance cover.
The GCCF "slip" which proves that they are genuine pedigrees, not just "said" to be pedigrees, as, sadly, are many kittens for sale. This important document allows legal transfer of ownership to you and guarantees that they have been raised in accordance with the GCCF Guidelines and Articles. You will also receive a four generation pedigree with full details, their proper veterinary record card of vaccinations etc, all as per the GCCF Code of Ethics.
All kittens leave with a Diet advice sheet.They are all well socialized and are usually born either in my bedroom or my daughter's, All kittens are litter trained before they leave us, mum & dad can both be seen. We welcome visitors at any time, but please ring first to book a viewing as I work shifts and might not be available to welcome you.
we sometimes have kitten's available to the right homes.

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