Breeder of : Selkirk Rex
Memberships: TICA
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Listed since:5th Jun 12
Last Updated:10th Jul 12

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Location: Nr. Stratford upon avon, Warwickshire
United Kingdom
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I breed friendly, Healthy, well socialised and beautiful Selkirk Rex. They are reared in the house with myself my husband and our other cats. I require all kitten buyers to come and meet my kittens before the non-refundable deposit is taken and the kitten is reserved. I do not sell my kittens on the active register unless the right person enquires. I reserve the right to neuter my kittens before they go to their new home. Each kitten will be vaccinated and registered with the GCCF or TICA or both. They will also leave with their own kitten pack including food they have been eating, Their favorite toy, A Custom made bed and various other items .

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