Tremarie Persians, Chinchillas & Selkirk Rex

Breeder of : Chinchilla, Persian, Selkirk Rex
Memberships: GCCF-TICA
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Last Updated:13th Feb 11

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Location: Cornwall
United Kingdom

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I have been breeding Persians for a few years and fell in Love with the Chinchilla Persian. Then came along the Selkirk Rex a lovely breed of cats of which the Persian is part of the permitted outcross so therefor fitted well in to my existing breeding plans without completely changing breeds.So my Selkirk Rex are predominently Silver and Goldens with a strong Persian Doll face influence.
I am still working with the chocolate series Persians
I am continually working to improve and promote the breeds.
My cats and kittens are house cats and bought up in the home amid the hoover and TV hoping this will make them ready from our home to yours.
Kittens are Health checked twice by a practising vet at the time of their vaccinations. vaccinated with the 3-1 against Herpes.Calici Virus and Enteritis...
They are treated against worms and parasites and this is reinforced just before they leave with Advocate.
Kittens leave with their Pedigree papers and a Sales agreement from approximately 12 weeks of age onwards.
They have free Petplan insurance (now only 4 weeks given to the new owners under Petplans new directive)
Please visit my site for information on the New Arctic Curls.
I do realize that Cornwall is a long way from most people but luckily we do visit London on a reguliar basis and possibly can arrange to meet.

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