Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire

Breeder of : Sphynx
Memberships: TICA
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Listed since:12th Dec 17
Last Updated:13th Dec 17

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Location: Hampshire
United Kingdom

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Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire is a small home breeding cattery of the beautiful Sphynx breed cat.

This is a very minute scale of cattery. My two cats are pets who are my constant companions whom I adore.

Neither cat will ever have a litter before she is at least 18 months old despite being sexually mature at 5 months.

Once they have given birth and reared a litter of kittens they will be rested for 8-9 months before being covered thus allowing a year between litters despite them being receptive to a male and coming into heat while still nursing a litter of kittens.

My cats will not be bred from after reaching 4 or 5 years of age, and , once they have 'retired' from breeding they will be spayed for their health and comfort afterwhich they will continue to live with me as my beloved pets.

I do intend to keep a kitten or two toward the end of their breeding lives, with thought to continuing to run a home breeding cattery, but more so the reasons to keep a kitten from each mother will be with a view to being able to continue living my life with the fabulous Sphynx Cat and extending my relationships with them by keeping their daughters.

This cattery does not condone the life of a show cat. My cats are not show cats, they do not live in cages, nor are they forced to be caged of hours or days on end in order to be shown. This lifestyle is abhorrent to me.

This cattery does not condone the use of cat chalets or breeding runs where cats are housed, fed and 'cared' for just so that they can produce litters of kittens for sale. My cats are indoor pets, uncaged and with the run of our home. They are not kept in order to produce kittens for sale.

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