Breeder of : Scottish Fold
Memberships: TICA
Listed since:15th May 17
Last Updated:18th May 17

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Location: Hereford, Herefordshire
United Kingdom
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We are a small hobby breeders of Scotish Fold/Straight specializing in silver shades and silver tabby's.Our cattery is registered with The International Cat Association TICA and we only breed from health screened Scotish. They are PKD, FIV and FELV negative and we take every step to produce healthy kittens. All our kittens are grown in-house with other cats. They are handled daily and raised with love and affection that they deserve.
My Queen Genesis Bariel is TICA champion. In March 2017, TICA TOES cat show in Bristol, she was nominated best Scotish Fold, Best 4th in Short hair and 7th Best in TOP 10 All breed!
We breed for quality but not for quantity!

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