For Sale 2 Non-Pedigree Cross Breed or Moggie

READY NOW!! 2 silver cream BSh boy kittens
Silver cream / cream with white tips
Available:2 Male
Breed: Cross Breed or Moggie
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:NOW!
Posted:10th Dec at 5:14
Last Updated:10th Dec at 5:15
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Location: Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
United Kingdom
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Ready now, 2 silver cream BSh boy kittens. Really stunning and rare colour. Ideally go together as they are the last 2 left and close, but would sell separately. They are used to dogs/puppies, young children and household noises.

They are 8 weeks old (8/12/17) and have been Vet checked, wormed at 5 and 7 weeks with a 3 day course of panicur. Mum and Dad can be seen. Dad is 6kg and Mum 3.5kg so they will be big cats.

Litter trained and scratching post trained. They will come with 4 weeks free Petplan insurance.

They are 350 each which includes a 100 non refundable deposit. Can keep until nearer Christmas or after (advisable if you are away or are having a lot of people for Christmas!) please ask me about it.

Any questions please ask. When replying to my advert please tell me about yourself and family/pets and why you are looking to get a kitten. Thank you

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Black and brown collars are left

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