For Sale 1 Non-Pedigree Cross Breed or Moggie

White Turkish Angora x
Pure White Longhaired.
Available:1 Female
Breed: Cross Breed or Moggie
Age: Over 9 Months
Date Available:Now
Posted:10th Feb at 14:02
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Location: Barnstaple, Devon
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

Pure white Turkish Angora X breed cat 12 months old.This little lady is a lightweight for her age and breed.Winter has been health checked at the vets in the past two weeks. He could not find any health issues.On his recommendation the joint decision was made not to neuter her at this point in time.She is a lovely natured cat, a little purrpot, loves a fuss,and plays as lively as should for a cat of her age. I am looking for a special permanent placement for her. Winter cannot be allowed to free roam . Hence an indoor only cat.Therefor not suitable to live with free roaming cat/s. Not suitable as a family pet as this would restrict movement for everyone. She is however friendly.She would suit a retired person/persons that want a pretty lap cat to spoil and fuss. She has longhair. Please take this into account and will require reguliar grooming.Anyone interested in this pretty cat please contact me on the contact form.. Winter lives in Barnstaple should you be interested in her, please contact for a no obligation visit from anyone... :)Please note.. On no account can Winter be used for breeding either now or in the future...

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