Stud Name: GCCF Ch. Curly Ecosse Brilliant Spark (Import)

Breed: Selkirk Rex
Colour: Red
Posted:7th Aug 12
Last Updated:20th Mar 14
Advertiser Details
Location: Perth and Kinross
United Kingdom
Telephone:01828 686922

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Sire:Grand International Ch. Curly Zippo Brilliant Spark
Dam:Qubo Bimba Brilliant Spark
Stud Registered With:GCCF
Date Registered Entire:
Blood Group:A
Stud Fees£350

Additional Information

Nemo was imported from Russia via France. He has been a successful stud in France siring 9 litters of kittens that show good breed type, like Nemo himself. His first UK litter was born in April 2013, a mixture of solids and colourpoints. Nemo has progeny in Canada, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Norway & Ireland. He has just made his show début and is now titled under GCCF, his son & daughter also attended the same shows and his son was declared BEST IN SHOW at the Selkirk Rex CC show aged 6 months old!
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