Stud Name: GCCF Grand Ch. & FIFe Ch. Curly Ecosse Brilliant Spark (Import)

Breed: Selkirk Rex
Colour: Red
Posted:7th Aug 12
Last Updated:21st Jun 17
Advertiser Details
Location: Perth and Kinross
United Kingdom
Telephone:01828 686922

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Sire:Gr.Int.Ch. & Gr.Int.Pr. Curly Zippo Brilliant Spark
Dam:Qubo Bimba Brilliant Spark
Stud Registered With:GCCF
Date Registered Entire:
Blood Group:A
Stud Fees£450

Additional Information

Nemo was imported from Russia via France. He has been a successful stud in France siring 9 litters of kittens that show good breed type, like Nemo himself. His first UK litter was born in April 2013, a mixture of solids and colourpoints. Nemo has progeny in Canada, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Ireland.From just 4 UK litters he has sired Gr.Ch. Quizzicurl Clafoutis. Gr. Pr. Quizzicurl Mille-Feuille, Ch. Lamblike Floyd (BOV winner), Ch. Quizzicurl Creme Brulee (BIS winner) FIFe Ch. Quizzicurl Baba au Rhum, FIFe Ch. Quizzicurl Painted Lady, FIFe CH. Quizzicurl Mountainringlet & Ch. Coomakista Uimhirbeag Dubh (BOV winner).All queens must be snap tested 48 hours prior to being with Nemo. Any queen looking unwell will not be introduced to him but will be introduced to my vet instead - queen's owner liable for the bill! Nemo covers Selkirk Rex queens only registered with GCCF/TICA/FIFe.
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